>>> Local doc The Stairs reaches great heights

Film about Regent Park's Street Health program shows great compassion

THE STAIRS (Hugh Gibson). 95 minutes. Opens Friday (October 7). See listings. Rating: NNNN

Toronto filmmaker Hugh Gibson explores life in Regent Park through the stories of several residents who work with the Street Health program, which provides safe injection kits and other services to the community. 

Filmed over the course of five years, and letting people tell their own stories in their own words, The Stairs is a work with deep compassion for those who’ve made their way back from the depths of addiction, even if they’ve slid back a bit in the process. 

As one of them points out, recovery is a struggle that never really ends – and Gibson shows us that isn’t just a cliché, but a day-to-day reality.

Don’t miss our Q&A with director Hugh Gibson here.

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