Dampa Bar and Grill

168 Eglinton E, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1A6

168 Eglinton E, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1A6
Bar, Restaurant

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Worst Filipino Restaurant in Toronto

We were there on a weekday so it was not busy but it took our food more than 1.5 hours. The food was very salty to the point we have to return our food back. The taste of MSG was on every dish so that was so obvious. We have been to almost all Filipino food place in Toronto but this is the worst of them all. We will never go back to this place even if they say the food is free!!! Yuck!!!

Jinky more than 2 years ago

not reliable review.

its obvious that you dont know what dampa is serving, first and foremost, we dont use MSG. you can have expert to test the food there, No trace of MSG. i know people are bad mouthing the restaurant. and dont worry you will never get free food at all.

john more than 2 years ago

Won’t recommend

Kamayan feast is so expensive $22 per head compared to $15 in other Filipino restaurant. I went to this restaurant with 4 of my friends and we really didn’t enjoy the food, the other place we went before was too way better than this place. I’m sorry but won’t come back at all.

Shirl more than 2 years ago