Dylan Ellis Gallery

1840 Danforth, Toronto, Ontario M4C 1H8

1840 Danforth, Toronto, Ontario M4C 1H8

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Kind and Patient Instead.

So yesterday, four of us, including my 90 year old parents went for a visit to the Dylan Ellis Gallery, My dad and I are both amateur photographers and interested in the history of photography. Mr. Carnie was welcoming, interested in what we thought of the exhibition, explained some of the printing processes and insisted that my Mom have a seat and rest. Then he did something brilliant - he invited my Dad to see his dark room and gave him a tour. My Dad was thrilled. He does not do his own printing anymore, but once upon a time he did. Thanks for the unexpected pleasure you added to our day, Mr. Carnie.

kath jonathan more than 3 years ago

Very rude and inpatient

I came to the gallery on Saturday
The owner was there and he was extremely inpatient and did not allow me to explain the reason I came by
He so rude and violent and demanded I leave the store
I don't understand his issue with me but it seems he has too much work to care about any more
If you want to be yelled at and thrown out then this is the perfect place
Very disappointing

Jeff more than 3 years ago