Mascot Beer Garden

31 Mercer (3rd floor), Toronto, Ontario

31 Mercer (3rd floor), Toronto, Ontario
Tuesday to Friday 4 pm to midnight, Saturday 11 to 1 am. Brunch Sunday 11 am to 7 pm. Access: two flights of stairs to the roof (third floor), washrooms in Odd Thomas (second floor).


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A hip place, soon to expand

“We walked into the building and were faced with a dark maze: black walls, silver graffiti tags, low lights, and tall stairs. At the top of the flight of stairs, there were empty rooms with an equally unpopulated bar and no windows - a perfect setup for a very creepy Beer Garden movie, if someone was thinking of making such a thing.”

“We ended up ordering Sawdust Skinny Dipping Stout and Mascot Pilsner. We also asked for a Grilled Brat, Mascot Pretzel and Grilled Asparagus Salad.”

“The Grilled Brat smelled delicious. The taste was a bit underwhelming; it had dry meat yet there were plenty of chunks of lard inside. It was served with much needed sweet mustard coleslaw and small pickles.”

“Mascot is all about fun actually, it is truly a Beer Garden experience right in the middle of downtown. Do not come here for sophisticated culinary delights, but the beer is plentiful, dishes are filling and staff is friendly.”

A few bites from our full experience:

Iliana more than 4 years ago