I Killed Sara V. (Arts & Crafts)

Rating: NNN

It doesn’t take much to see that Toronto singer/songwriter Lowell has a real chance at major success. The songs are there, the vocals are strong, and if you read between the lines it’s clear that a lot of industry people are betting on her potential. She’s going to be big, unless something seriously derails between this EP and her debut full-length. Then again, this was made sometime before the 2012 “mini-album” she recorded with Apparatjik (an alt-pop supergroup made up of members of Coldplay, Mew and A-ha), so it’s possible (but unlikely) that it’s all gone wrong in the meantime.

The frequent comparisons with Lykke Li’s chirpy vocals and quirky electronic pop sounds aren’t off-base, but Lowell has a sound of her own. Underneath all the clattering percussion, filtered fragments and modulating synths are solid tunes that seem to reflect more an earnest singer/songwriter perspective than that of an experimental electronic musician.

Top track: 88

Lowell plays the Garrison March 2.

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