We Loved Her Dearly (Arts & Crafts)

Rating: NNNNN

After much ado, and about a year of steady performing on the local scene, 23-year-old Toronto-via-Calgary indie pop singer (soon to be indie pop star) Lowell drops her debut full-length. It was worth the wait.

We Loved Her Dearly proves she can write both sultry, melancholic slow burners that make Lana Del Rey seem like a ray of sunshine (I Killed Sara V., Summertime) and legit party anthems that compel us to scream absurd lyrics like “Money hey! Money woo!” the same way our hands automatically turn into assault weapons whenever M.I.A.’s Paper Planes starts playing. Lowell can pen sassy electro pop numbers like Cloud 69 – where an onslaught of keyboards, synths and drum machines are haunted by her one-woman gang vocals – or The Bells, where a seemingly simple xylophone-like melody is gradually buried under her soaring, girlish pipes.

She’s also got an uncanny ability to write catchy pop hooks for songs on heavy subjects ranging from LGBT rights to rape. A chameleon with an endless stream of alter egos and the vocal chops to pull them all off.

Top track: I Killed Sara V.

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