Man and the moon

The last Doc Soup of the season will leave you looking up, way up

I know it’s April Fool’s Day, but this is totally real: wanna meet an astronaut?

Eugene Cernan, who has been to the moon not once but twice, will be in attendance at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema tonight (Wednesday April 1) and tomorrow (Thursday April 2) for Doc Soup’s screenings of The Last Man On The Moon.

It’s the final Doc Soup screening of the 2014-15 season, and it’s a good one, jammed with vivid space-porn images (some archival, some digitally re-created) and a sense of self-awareness that lets director Mark Craig (who will also be present for all three screenings) engage with the heroic mythology of NASA while acknowledging how square that era really was.

The Last Man On The Moon may not push the envelope of wonder in quite the same way as Al Reinert’s glorious 1989 documentary For All Mankind it’s a pretty conventional project, when all is said and done, with talking heads and archival footage and whatnot. But Cernan’s an engaging subject, and he’s got a great story to tell.

Plus, he’ll be there for Q&As after every show. This man has stood upon the actual goddamn moon. Go say hi. | @normwilner


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