Marianne Faithfull

Rating: NNNN Okay, she may be a notorious bitch, but Marianne Faithfull.

Rating: NNNN

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Okay, she may be a notorious bitch, but Marianne Faithfull can be whatever the hell she wants as far as I’m concerned. She is truly a fantastic stage presence, and her smoky, time-ravaged voice never gets old… uh, so to speak. This 2005 concert kicks off with Trouble In Mind – not her best – but things pick up as she goes through bits representing a large chunk of her catalogue. She gets to the Ballad Of Lucy Jordan by song four and weaves classics in with newer stuff like Kissing Time, saving Broken English and Why D’ya Do It for last, of course. The best part about Faithfull is that even after all these years she looks so happy to be onstage and (kinda surprisingly) gives it everything she’s got. Bonus features are an interview and rehearsal footage in which Faithfull plays so nice it’s positively cloying. It’s still interesting, though you might want to skip around. There’s also some Euro artsy video thing. Comes with a bonus CD of the concert.

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