Enzo DiMatteo

Senior News Editor

Enzo was born in Belgium and emigrated with his family to Canada in the heat of Trudeaumania. He grew up in the city's west end and got his start in journalism with the Metroland chain before seeing the light and joining Michael and Alice's eclectic crew at NOW's old offices on the Danforth.

It was the early 90s, Nirvana was in the air and Ivan Doroschuk was a semi-regular at the Black Swan next door. Enzo cut his teeth covering cop stories and whatever madness skinheads in the neo-Nazi movement were up to. He especially remembers the day he took up his duties as news editor at NOW because it was 9/11.

These days, he serves as Senior News Editor while continuing to write on all things Realpolitik for NOW. Enzo is a winner of numerous writing awards and the only (alleged) Commie banned from entering Cuba. It's complicated. He appears on talk radio as a regular commentator on local and federal politics.

When he's not writing or messing with his latest reno project, he's obsessing over twins Jake and Noah (and de facto triplet) Luke, and wife Wendy.

Claims to fame: champion wood chopper; can do 100 push ups with Ben Boles on his back.