Natalia Manzocco

Food Writer

Born in Windsor, Ontario, where she was trained from an early age to have strong feelings about pizza, Natalia Manzocco completed her studies in journalism at Ryerson University in 2008. She went on to become a music writer (for ChartAttack and others), a cub reporter (Calgary Herald and New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal), a copy and layout editor (Metro and 24 Hours), and a fashion feature writer (Toronto Sun and QMI Agency). 

Most recently, she was the lifestyle editor at blogTO, where she covered fashion, food, design, and technology, and heard the stories of hundreds of small business owners, whom she believes constitute the beating heart and the vibrant soul of her adopted hometown. She also spent hours looking for thumbnail photos of muffins.

When not pursuing a career in lifestyle journalism, she has played guitar in bands (the Cheap Speakers and the Screaming Headlines), created the world’s first gender-neutral vintage clothing company (Future Is The Future), launched an LGBTQ-positive craft and art fair (Pink Market), and beaten the Elite Four 25 times. 

There are lots of things she hasn’t eaten yet, but she plans to get to them all eventually. Don’t ask her where you should go for dinner tonight. You gotta be more specific than that.

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