Matt and Kim

New Glow

Brooklyn’s ever-endearing indie dance duo are so polished now, it’s hard to believe they’re the same band that tore up the Whippersnapper Gallery back in the day. 

Their fifth album, which is all hyperactive synth melodies and shrill sing-shouting in classic Matt and Kim style, sounds like it was smothered in thick syrup, drowned in glitter and then levelled out with soul-sucking effects for good measure. All of the above would be tolerable if there were any semblance of the grit that made the duo so special. Instead, we get 26 minutes of same-old dance pop. This may sound harsh, but we need to be extra-tough on Matt and Kim because we know their potential, making it even more disheartening to see it squandered.

The most promising track, Not Alone, could very well become a top 40 hit and will attract new listeners looking for a party jam. On the other hand, it’ll also alienate long-time fans – if they haven’t already abandoned the duo. 

Top track: Not Alone

Matt and Kim play the Danforth Music Hall on May 18. Click here to win tickets.


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