McMichael Annie Phootoogook

Annie Pootoogook (1969-2016), Myself in Scotland, 2005-2006, coloured pencil and felt-tip pen on paper, 76.5 × 56.6 cm, Gift from the Christopher Bredt and Jamie Cameron Collection, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Reproduced with the Permission of Dorset Fine Arts

Annie Pootoogook: Cutting Ice 

Alongside drawings by Pootoogook, the exhibition will include artwork by Shuvinai Ashoona, Itee Pootoogook, Jutai Toonoo, Ohotaq Mikkigak and Siassie Kenneally, showing how Annie Pootoogook made it possible to begin a different conversation that celebrates Inuit art in new ways in Canada and the world. Sep 2-Feb 11, 2018.  more