Michael Hollett, co-founder of NOW, announces he’s leaving the magazine

Co-founder, editor and CEO Alice Klein will continue at the helm of our nearly 35-year-old magazine

In an historic turn of the wheel, NOW bids a fond farewell to co-founder, editor and publisher of NOW Magazine, Michael Hollett, who announced he is resigning today.

“I will be concentrating my future efforts on running North by Northeast (NXNE) with my partners from SXSW and on writing,” he wrote in a statement. “NXNE took huge strides in 2016 and I am committed to building on this growth for 2017 and beyond with exciting ideas I look forward to sharing with all of you soon.”

We will always be grateful to Michael for his huge 34-year contribution to our ambitious and feisty independent media project. And I am sure that his enormous gifts will continue to rock Toronto in the exciting directions he is choosing to pursue.

These are changing times and they are mirrored in our publication. At the same time we are dealing with this end of an era, we are also very delighted to be welcoming new leaders into the heart and soul of the creative process that is creating a new, next generation of NOW. 

I am pleased to announce two new members to the senior team: former digital development lead Kate Robertson is now director of editorial strategy, and engagement manager Jason Maghanoy has moved into the role of director of sales strategy and partnerships. Along with creative director, Troy Beyer, we are excited to open the box of possibilities, innovate and imagine new ways to inform, delight and connect our readers, our advertisers and our communities.

Read Michael Hollett’s full statement below:

If you want a sense of some of our accomplishments and struggles over the years, check out our YouTube channel. From battling with rivals Eye Weekly to getting arrested for publishing sex ads, it’s never been boring at NOW Magazine, to say the least.

Thanks, Michael, for everything you’ve contributed to NOW Magazine. We wish you all the best at NXNE – we’ll be there.

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