What to watch on Amazon Prime Video Canada in December 2020

Including a gay holiday movie starring Kristen Stewart, Andy Samberg in Palm Springs, The Expanse season 5 and the rest of Steve McQueen's Small Axe anthology

Here’s everything new that’s coming Amazon Prime Video Canada in December 2020.

Small Axe

Steve McQueen’s five film anthology about the Caribbean community’s history and resistance to persecution in Britain slipped in at the 11th hour in Canada. After airing on the BBC and streaming stateside, the first two episodes quietly dropped November 27, with the remaining three episodes arriving weekly starting December 4. The mosaic is already off to a stellar start with the solid courtroom drama Mangrove and the sweet serenade of Lovers Rock, which may be the best thing you’ll see all year. December 4

Palm Springs

Yeah, time-loop movies are kind of overdone these days… but you’re going to want to make time for Max Barbakow’s bittersweet, self-aware take on the genre, which pairs Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti as two very different people stuck repeating the same day for infinity. We’ve seen it. It’s great. Maybe the best time-loop movie since Groundhog Day. Maybe even better, since Groundhog Day did not have J.K. Simmons as an assassin. December 18

I’m Your Woman

Julia Hart’s Miss Stevens and Fast Color played long games with high-school movies and superhero tropes, using viewers’ expectations of those narratives against them. Her latest remixes the 70s crime picture in much the same way, following a wife and mother (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Rachel Brosnahan) suddenly sent on the run as a result of her husband’s actions, and forced to navigate a world she doesn’t understand at all. The film got some serious buzz when it opened the AFI Fest earlier this fall, and it’ll be interesting to see Brosnahan – who fits so perfectly into Mrs. Maisel’s 50s aesthetic – adapt herself to a new decade. December 11

A photo from the Wilds, hitting Amazon Prime Video Canada in December 2020
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video Canada

The Wilds

Instead of arriving at a self-help retreat, a group of teenage girls from different backgrounds find themselves trying to survive on a tropical island. This new mystery series from Daredevil staff writer Sarah Streicher casts a narrative web of flashbacks and framing sequences to rival Lost’s ambitious storytelling structure. The presence of Six Feet Under’s Rachel Griffiths as an enigmatic personality guru is intriguing, but we’re most excited to see Helena Howard – whose stunning breakout in Josephine Decker’s Madeleine’s Madeleine still feels like one of the best performances of the last decade – as one of the girls. December 11

The Expanse (season 5)

The cult sci-fi series – which Amazon just announced it was renewing for a sixth and final season – opens with humanity striking out through that alien Ring to see what other planets might make good homes. And the crew of the Rocinante once again finds their personal loyalties tested by political events well above their pay grade, as a rogue Belter leader declares all-out war on the Inner Planets. The first four seasons are available to stream right now, if you need to catch up. December 15

A photo from Happiest Season, hitting Amazon Prime Video Canada in December 2020

Happiest Season

Just a couple of weeks after it arrived on VOD platforms, Clea DuVall’s queer Christmas movie – specifically, the first mainstream holiday movie to revolve around gay characters – arrives on Prime Video, ready to be in constant rotation over the holidays. Which is honestly not the worst idea, given that the film’s a lot more complex about its emotional beats than its marketing would have had you believe. And multiple viewings will really let you appreciate Aubrey Plaza’s subtle supporting turn as a wounded ex, and all the weird details Mary Holland builds around her awkward kid-sister character. December 10

The list of TV shows and movies coming to Amazon Prime Video Canada in December 2020:

December 1

Agent Toby Barks

December 2

Sonic The Hedgehog

Brahms: The Boy II

Stage Mother

December 3

Sons Of The Soil: Jaipur Pink Panthers (season 1)

December 4

Small Axe: Red, White and Blue

December 9

Bull (seasons 1-3)

December 10


Happiest Season

December 11

The Wilds

I’m Your Woman

Small Axe: Alex Wheatle

December 14

To The Stars

December 15

The Expanse (season 5)

Elementary (seasons 1-7)

December 17


Mirreyes Vs. Godinez, Home Office


December 18

The Grand Tour (season 4)

Palm Springs

Small Axe: Education

December 20

The Lodge

MacGyver (seasons 1-3)

December 24

Halal Love Story

Coolie No.1

December 25


Sylvie’s Love

Thalayvi (Malyalam)

December 26

Mighty Oak

December 27

Sumit Sourav

Rahul Subramariam #1

Amazon Funnies Line Up #1

Amazon Funnies Line Up #2

Gaurav Kapoor

Sumaira Shaikh

Rahul Subramariam + Varun Thakur

Alu Arjun

Rahul Subramariam #2

Blue Story

December 29

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (seasons 11-13)

Avatar Purusha Sequel

Annabelle Subramariam

Avatar Purusha

Sapta Saagaradaache Yello

Bheemasena Nalamaharaja



December 30

Palu Padama Palhuko

Kutte Ka Baccha

Yearly Departed

December 31




Yuva Ratna

Coming to Prime Video Channels

December 1

The Holiday (Hollywood Suite)

Relic (IFC Films Unlimited)

December 6

Power Book II: Ghost (STARZ)

December 7

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (season 13) (Hayu)

December 15

Celebrity I.O.U. (season 2) (STACKTV)

Everything leaving Amazon Prime Video Canada in December:

December 4

John Wick

John Wick 2

December 16

The Good Wife

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


December 28


The Spy Who Dumped Me

A Simple Favour

December 30

Robin Hood (2018)

Dawn Of The Dead

Out Of Africa

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

December 31

Bad Santa

Evan Almighty


Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Old School

Update (December 7): Happiest Season has been moved to December 10.


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