AVATAR (Fox, 2009) D: James Cameron, w/ Sam.

AVATAR (Fox, 2009) D: James Cameron, w/ Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana. Rating: NNN DVD package: none Rating: NNN

Avatar looks better than I expected on my 26-inch home screen. The colours and compositions remain, and the action is lively, but without the benefits of 3-D and the IMAX screen, the details that bring the forest world to life and the overall wow factor are lost.


Sadly, this makes it evident how uninvolving the story is. Earthlings want to turn the forest world of Pandora into one giant open-pit mine. The marine (Sam Worthington) they send to infiltrate the natives learns the tribal ways, falls for a local girl (Zoe Saldana), predictably switches sides and leads the battle against corporate evil.

That’s good enough for pulp action-adventure, which Avatar is, but writer/director James Cameron hasn’t bothered to give his stereotypical characters – corporate weasel, noble warrior, crotchety scientist – those little moments that humanize them. Makes it hard to give a damn.

This is a bare-bones edition, 2-D and no extras. If it’s spectacle you want (and why not?), bear in mind that an “ultimate” edition is slated for November. Presumably, that means 3-D and all the trimmings.

EXTRAS Widescreen. English, French, Spanish audio. English, Spanish subtitles.

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