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The Hurt Locker (Maple, 2009) Kathryn Bigelow's acclaimed.

The Hurt Locker (Maple, 2009)

Kathryn Bigelow’s acclaimed actioner about a bomb squad in Iraq.

The Burning Plain (E1, 2009)

Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron star in a complex drama about a mother and daughter trying to connect.

Post Grad (Fox, 2009)

Light comedy with Alexis Bledel as a college grad forced to move back in with her parents while she tries to get a grip on the working world.

Wrong Turn At Tahoe (Paramount, 2009)

A small-time Mob boss kills a dope dealer, only to discover that his victim has heavy-duty connections. With Harvey Keitel, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Miguel Ferrer.

NOTE: Universal Soldier: Regeneration, reviewed last week, is released February 9.

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