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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Columbia TriStar,.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Columbia TriStar, 2009)

Smart, funny kids’ animation about a young inventor who figures out how to make food from clouds.

The Final Destination In 3D (WB, 2009)

Elaborate deaths ensue when the Grim Reaper comes to claim the teens who cheated him in a car race. Fourth in the franchise.

Ichi (FUNimation, 2008)

Japanese tale of a blind woman musician with wicked sword skills for cutting down yakuza. Sounds like a reinvention of the Zatoichi series.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration (E1, 2009)

The cyborg super-soldier from the 90s action franchise (Jean-Claude Van Damme, looking his age) is dragged out of mothballs to battle a terrorist-controlled killing machine. Released February 9.

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