Crime D’Amour

CRIME D’AMOUR (Mongrel, 2010) D: Alain Corneau, w/ Kristin Scott Thomas, Ludivine Sagnier. Rating: NN DVD package: none Rating: NN

A manipulative senior exec (Kristin Scott Thomas) takes credit she doesn’t deserve. Her bright, but not cunning, protegé (Ludivine Sagnier) retaliates, and hostilities escalate so radically that the last half-hour is a different movie altogether.

Scott Thomas and Sagnier both know when to make the most of their moments and when to hide their feelings. That helps to keep the audience guessing. It also distracts from the bland visuals and makes up, in part, for the disappointing ending.

As usual with these Eurothrillers, there are no extras.

EXTRAS Widescreen. French audio. English subtitles.

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