HUMPDAY (Maple, 2009) D: Lynn Shelton, w/ Mark Duplass, Joshua Leonard. Rating: NNN DVD package: NNN Rating: NNN

Good acting, much unforced humour and a realistic approach to its farcical story make Humpday smarter and funnier than the dumb comedy its premise suggests.


Two old college buddies, both heterosexual, drunkenly decide to have sex together as an art project. Ben (Mark Duplass) is the conventional family man, and Andrew (Joshua Leonard) the classic free-spirited hippie artist.

Their friendship and the values of hip versus square form the movie’s core. It’s also about Ben’s relationship with his wife (Alycia Delmore). Getting her consent is the first hump. Second is doing the deed.

The dialogue is entirely improvised, but not in the Judd Apatow style where every moment is an excuse for bad jokes. This is straightforward character work, and it’s very good. Some scenes in the first half drag on too long, but they’re watchable anyway.

The cast commentary offers insights into the actors’ process, and director Lynn Shelton and her crew are informative on the rigours of a 10-day shoot on the other commentary.

EXTRAS Two commentaries, making-of doc. Widescreen. English audio. Spanish subtitles.



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