What to watch on Crave in November 2019

NOW critics pick the best movies and TV shows coming to Crave, including Back To Life, His Dark Materials, Us and They Shall Not Grow Old


Back To Life

Daisy Haggard’s BBC series about a 30-something ex-con moving home after 18 years behind bars was a word-of-mouth hit in the UK this summer. When Haggard’s Miri Matteson returns to her seaside town, the neighbours are still not over the crime she committed as a teen and brand her a public safety threat. Complications ensue. Back To Life’s producers were behind sleeper hit Fleabag, so this could be the next dark British comedy crossover – or at least that’s what Showtime and Crave are hoping for. November 10

His Dark Materials

Twelve years after the disastrous feature film adaptation of The Golden Compass, HBO and BBC are taking another shot at Philip Pullman’s alternate-universe fantasy series, this time in a two-season project. The first season, consisting of eight episodes, will air weekly on HBO Canada and drop simultaneously on Crave. Dafne Keen stars as the brave Lyra, a girl who charges into a world of magical chaos in search of a vanished friend. James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda are the grown-ups she encounters on her quest (in roles previously played by Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman and Sam Elliott, respectively) Tom Hooper, of The King’s Speech and Les Misérables, directed the first episode. Will it be as valid and thoughtful an adaptation as HBO’s Watchmen? Here’s our review. November 4

Rat Park

In the first feature documentary produced by Vice Studio Canada, director Shawney Cohen (The Manor) explores the impact of various government policies in the war on drugs, and unearths a social experiment at Simon Fraser University in the late 70s that might have pointed the way to a more ethical and humane treatment for addiction… had anyone paid attention to it. November 4

The Apollo

“Will the Apollo continue to be a vibrant space of Black expression or will it be a shrine to the past?” asks an interviewee in the trailer for this music doc about the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem. Performing for its notoriously fickle audiences has been a make-or-break moment for many acts, and director Roger Ross Williams chronicles the venue’s highs and lows while exploring its enduring place in the Black American music landscape. November 6

Us Jordan Peele

Claudette Barius/Universal

Evan Alex (left), Lupita Nyong’o and Zora Wilson see double in Us.



Jordan Peele’s Us isn’t as precise, cutting and brilliant as Get Out, his Oscar-winning feature debut about monstrous microaggressions. This horror film is about a middle-class Black family stalked by creepy doppelgängers in red jumpsuits has a lot to say – about race, class, America and all kinds of trauma – which leaves it feeling like it’s not saying much at all. But it’s daring, entertaining and hilarious. And it features a wicked dual performance from Lupita Nyong’o, whose piercing glares, gravelly voices and balletic movements better be recognized in the coming awards season. November 23

They Shall Not Grow Old

Produced to mark the centenary of the First World War armistice and to honour the British war effort, Peter Jackson’s documentary marries archival footage from the Imperial War Museum to audio testimonials from veterans sourced from the BBC to recount the experiences of the enlisted. Structured as a journey from home to war and back again, it has an eye for the small moments that remind us that His Majesty’s troops were human beings, and fairly young ones, rather than cold-eyed killing machines. And Jackson employed new digital tools to refresh, re-time and colourize scratchy black-and-white footage to make it look more “real” to the modern viewer, showing us the war as these people would have seen it. Crave is premiering it on Remembrance Day, which is apt. November 11


“Alien is a movie where nobody listens to the smart woman, and then they all die except for the smart woman and her cat.” That take, posted to Twitter by author Adam Shaftoe-Durrant, who was quoting his wife, is an adequate summation of Ridley Scott’s cold, terrifying and elegant monster movie on a spaceship. Crave is also adding David Fincher’s Alien 3 and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Alien: Resurrection, both unfairly maligned and fascinating in their own right. But nothing holds a candle to the heart-pounding original. November 8, available with the Starz add-on

The Last Picture Show

Peter Bogdanovich’s beautifully sad and tender coming-of-age tale was a New Hollywood movie signalling the end of an era. A young Jeff Bridges and Cybill Shepherd play teens dealing with sex and a bleak future in small-town Texas. The Last Picture Show is about what America was losing in the 1950s as the Korean War raged on, the local movie theatre (called The Royal) was fading out and television screens polluted every home with cheap content. The movie endures, speaking to the last vestiges of the counterculture when it premiered in 1971 and to those of us watching today (on our Crave app with the smallest screen possible). November 15, available with the Starz add-on

Full list of new titles available in November, by date. The + symbol indicates a TV show or movie that is only available on Crave+ . The * symbol indicates a TV show or movie that is only available with the Starz add-on.  


November 1

Celeste Barber: Challenge Accepted

The Circus (season 4, episode 15)

The Hills: New Beginnings (season 1)

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (season 2B-3A)

Outside The Bubble: A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi+

Real Time With Bill Maher (season 17, episode 33)+

Room 104 (season 3, episode 8)+

November 2

Daniel Sloss X+

November 3

The Affair (season 5, episode 11)

Axios (season 2, episode 7)+

Last Week With John Oliver (season 6, episode 28)+

Leavenworth (season 1, episode 3)*

Mrs. Fletcher (season 1, episode 2)+

Power (season 6, episode 10 6A)*

Power: Confidential (season 1, episode 10 1A)*

Silicon Valley (season 6, episode 2)+

Watchmen (season 1, episode 3)+

November 4

Catherine The Great (season 1, episode 3)+

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 40)

His Dark Materials (season 1, episode 1)+

November 5

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 33, episodes 49-53)

November 6

Castle Rock (season 2, episode 5)

The Voice (season 17, episodes 13-14)

November 7

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 41)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (season 1, episode 6)

November 8

Drew Michael+

Marianas Trench: Live At Rock The Park

Real Time With Bill Maher (season 17, episode 34)+

Room 104 (season 3, episode 9)+

W5 (season 54, episode 7)

November 10

Axios (season 2, episode 8)+

Back To Life (season 1)

The Circus (season 4, episode 16)

Dublin Murders (season 1, episode 1)*

Last Week With John Oliver (season 6, episode 29)+

Leavenworth (season 1, episode 4)*

Mrs. Fletcher (season 1, episode 3)+

Shameless (season 10, episode 1)

Silicon Valley (season 6, episode 3)+

Watchmen (season 1, episode 4)+

November 11

Catherine The Great (season 1, episode 4)+

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 42)

His Dark Materials (season 1, episode 2)+

November 12

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 33, episodes 54-58)

November 13

Castle Rock (season 2, episode 6)

The Voice (season 17, episode 15A-B)

November 14

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 43)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (season 1, episode 7)

Star Trek: Short Treks (season 2, episode 3)

November 15

Dollface (season 1)

Real Time With Bill Maher (season 17, episode 35)+

Room 104 (season 3, episode 10)+

W5 (season 54, episode 8)

November 17

Dublin Murders (season 1, episode 2)*

Last Week With John Oliver (season 6, episode 30)+

Leavenworth (season 1, episode 5)*

Mrs. Fletcher (season 1, episode 4)+

Ray Donovan (season 7, episode 1)

Shameless (season 10, episode 2)

Silicon Valley (season 6, episode 4)+

Watchmen (season 1, episode 5)+

November 18

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 44)

His Dark Materials (season 1, episode 3)+

November 19

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 33, episodes 59-63)

November 20

Castle Rock (season 2, episode 7)

The Voice (season 17, episodes 16A-B)

November 21

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 45)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (season 1, episode 8)

November 22

Angie Tribeca (season 4)

Om Nom Stories (season 3, episode 4)

Room 104 (season 3, episode 11)+

W5 (season 54, episode 9)

November 23

Lil Rel Howery: Live In Crenshaw+

November 24

Mrs. Fletcher (season 1, episode 5)+

Ray Donovan (season 7, episode 2)

Shameless (season 10, episode 3)

Silicon Valley (season 6, episode 5)+

Watchmen (season 1, episode 6)+

November 25

His Dark Materials (season 1, episode 4)+

November 26

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 33, episodes 64-68)

November 27

Castle Rock (season 2, episode 8)

The Voice (season 17, episodes 17A-B)

November 29

Dark Side Of The Ring (season 1)

Room 104 (season 3, episode 12)+


November 1

Adult Beginners*

Bonfire Of The Vanities*

The Clovehitch Killer+

Lakeview Terrace*

Matrix Reloaded*

Matrix Revolutions*

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist*

On The Basis Of Sex+

Purple Rain*

Sex And The City 2*

November 4

Rat Park

November 6

The Apollo+

Rain Down *

Stress Position*

November 8


Alien 3*

Alien Resurrection*

Alien Vs. Predator*

The Bodyguard*

Catch And Release*

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (2005)*

Duran Duran: There’s Something You Should Know

Head Full of Honey+

Matilda (1996)*

New Order: Decades

Proof Of Life*

We Are Not Done Yet+

November 9

Fighting With My Family+

November 11

They Shall Not Grow Old+

November 12

Very Ralph+

November 13

Ethel & Ernest*

Sisters & Brothers*

November 14

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows*

November 15

Cast Away*

Cecil B. Demented*


The Intruder+

The Last Picture Show*

The Mission*

The Monuments Men*

A Walk In The Woods*

November 16


November 19

The People Garden*

November 20

City Island*



Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops+

November 21

Charlie Zone*

November 22

The Campaign*

Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who*

The Good German*


Killers Anonymous+

The Natural*

Ready For War


Wag The Dog*

November 23


November 24

Dublin Murders (season 1, episode 3)*

November 26

Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season (November 26)+

November 28

David Foster: Off The Record

November 29

The Equalizer*


The Kid Who Would Be King+

The Last Boy Scout*

Legends Of The Fall*


Movies and TV shows leaving Crave this month.

November 1

Geordie Shore (seasons 1-5)

November 2

The Star

November 3

The Offseason: Kevin Durant

November 4

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World

November 8

Bong Apetit (season 2)

November 10

Underfire: The Untold Story Of PFC Tony Vaccaro

November 13

Con Man

November 14

Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B

David Blaine: Beyond Magic

June’s: An HIV+ Eatery

November 17

If I Leave Here Tomorrow: A Film About Lynyrd Skynyrd

November 19

Father Figures

November 20

Accident Man

November 22

MasterChef Canada: All-Star Family Edition

November 24

Hollow In The Land

November 27

Pearl Harbour: The Accused

November 30

10 1/2

The Ant Bully

Batman Begins

Golden Exits

The Greatest Showman

The Hangover

The Hanging Garden

Kid Vs. Kat (season 2)






Orny Adams: More Than Loud

A Perfect Murder

Phantom Thread

The Psycho She Met Online

Score: A Hockey Musical

The Shape Of Water

The Square


Thank You For Your Service

The Truth Is In The Stars

Two Wrongs

Unaccompanied Minors

Unlocking The Cage

When Harry Met Sally

The Wizard Of Oz



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