What to watch on Crave in September 2019

NOW critics pick the best movies and TV shows coming to the streaming platform, including Ramy, Couples Therapy, The Deuce season 3 and RuPaul's Drag Race



Stand-up comedian Ramy Youssef stars in this half-hour dramedy that earned good reviews when it debuted in the U.S. earlier this year on Hulu. He plays a fictionalized version of himself: a first-generation Egyptian-American who is a practising Muslim and lives in New Jersey. The show touches on topics that will be familiar to fans of the millennial dramedy genre – tenuous employment, drugs, dating apps, kinky sex, American politics, existentialism – but through the lens of a character who is religious and striving to be a good and moral person. The series has been picked up for a second season, which will see two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali join the cast in a “special guest star role.” September 15

Couples Therapy

There’s no shortage of reality TV shows about modern dating and finding true love, but there are fewer that actually show the challenges of being in a relationship. This docu-series follows four couples and their authentic weekly relationship therapy sessions with Dr. Orna Guralnik, which are rife with brutally honest confrontations and breakthroughs. Couples Therapy is like the aftermath of The Bachelor or Dating Around. September 6

The Deuce (season 3)

The Deuce may be the most criminally underappreciated series on television right now. It was shut out yet again from Emmy nominations, despite another wowza performance from Maggie Gyllenhaal, the finest in a terrific ensemble cast. The show’s gritty, honest and empathetic look at prostitutes and porn has proven too difficult for audiences and Emmy voters. In its third season, The Deuce skips ahead a few years to deal with the AIDS crisis, so things won’t get any easier. September 9


If you don’t know Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist Buzz Bissinger, you may have encountered his work. He’s a long-time contributing editor at Vanity Fair and penned the non-fiction book Friday Night Lights, which spawned the movie and TV series of the same name. In this documentary, director Andrew Shea profiles the profiler during the “tumultuous year” when he collaborated with former athlete, reality star and transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner on her memoir. According to the film description, working on that book forced Bissinger to confront his own “heteronormative constraints, which test his marriage, family and sense of self.” September 25

In The Shadow Of The Towers: Stuyvesant High On 9/11

HBO’s documentary revisits the attacks on the World Trade Center through the eyes of eight former students at the nearby Stuyvesant high school whose ordinary Tuesday morning became a nightmare of explosions, fire and concrete dust. Now in their mid-30s, they tell their stories to documentarian Amy Schatz (Song Of Parkland, An Apology To Elephants) for an oral history of 9/11 and its aftermath. September 11

RuPaul's Drag Race

Courtesy of Bell Media

All seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race hit Crave this month.


RuPaul’s Drag Race (seasons 1-11) and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (season 1-4)

I’ve you been meaning to catch up on RuPaul’s Drag Race, September is your month. Not only is Crave producing a Canadian version of the reality competition that has spawned a shadow drag economy, it’ll stream upcoming seasons of the U.S. and UK versions as they air. And to get you ready, the entire oeuvre is going to be available on Crave, including the “lost” first season, plus all four seasons of the increasingly polarizing All Stars spinoff. September 13

The Favourite

Yorgos Lanthimos’s magnificently pissy comedy of manners stars Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone as cousins competing for the affection of the impulsive, self-pitying Queen Anne (Olivia Colman, who won an Oscar for her remarkable star turn) – and whose battle has repercussions well beyond the monarch’s court. With a formal precision that feels like a nod to Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon (and possibly also The Shining), Lanthimos invites us to enjoy the schadenfreude of watching the high-born stoop so very, very low – but also reminds us that it’s all fun and games until someone loses their soul. September 6

Boyz N The Hood

When Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight came out in 2016, we celebrated it as the rare movie to defy typical performances of Black masculinity in both pop culture and life, where toughness, homophobia, hypersexuality and so much that’s toxic becomes defining traits. Boyz N The Hood, which came out in 1991, has all those depictions in its story about young men growing up amidst crime and poverty in South Central Los Angeles. But John Singleton’s debut also has a lead character who cries. Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Trey shows his sensitivity and emotions not just when tragedy strikes but also when he’s overwhelmed and frustrated. His sensitivity brings him closer to his girlfriend and it’s born from a warm relationship with his father (Laurence Fishburne). They hug and tell each other, “I love you.” That kind of love and affection between men is rare onscreen, but it’s what the late Singleton was sharing with us from the get-go. September 6 with the Starz add-on

Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola’s third feature painted the years leading up to the French Revolution in beautiful pastels, extravagant gowns and pastries, and a killer New Wave soundtrack of New Order, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Gang of Four. While The Favourite was last year’s breakout quirky royals film, 2006’s Marie Antoinette showcases Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman in some of the stars’ most awkwardly charming roles. September 13

Dog Day Afternoon

The pilot episode of Mindhunter introduced a new generation to Sidney Lumet’s absurdist crime drama, which stars Al Pacino and John Cazale in the true story of a Brooklyn bank robbery that escalated into a nerve-wracking standoff on one of the hottest days of 1972. Lumet’s 1975 picture sits right at the centre of a Venn diagram of the best New York movies, the best 70s movies and the best American character pieces. And even though Michael Corleone casts a long shadow, this might be Pacino’s best performance. September 1, with Starz add-on

Full list of new titles available in September, by date. The + symbol indicates a TV show or movie that is only available on Crave+ . The * symbol indicates a TV show or movie that is only available with the Starz add-on.


September 1

The Affair (season 5, episode 2)

The Big Bang Theory (season 8)

Power (season 6, episode 2)*

Power: Confidential (season 1, episode 2)*

September 2

Our Boys (season 1, episode 5)+

September 3

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 33, episodes 4-8)

The Shop: Uninterrupted (season 2, episode 3)+

September 4

The Beaverton (season 3, episode 7)

September 6

A Black Lady Sketch Show (season 1, episode 6)+

Blue Bloods (season 9)

Couples Therapy (season 1)

James Davis: Live From The Town

Marvel’s Agents Of Shield (season 6)

Real Time With Bill Maher (season 17, episode 26)+

September 7

Arrow (season 7)

Gary Owen #DoinWhatIDo

September 8

The Affair (season 5, episode 3)

Ballers (season 5, episode 3)+

Last Week With John Oliver (season 6, episode 22)+

On Becoming A God In Central Florida (season 1, episode 3)

Power (season 6, episode 3)*

Power: Confidential (season 1, episode 3)*

The Righteous Gemstones (season 1, episode 4)+

Succession (season 2, episode 5)+

September 9

The Deuce (season 3, episode 1)+

Our Boys (season 1, episode 6)+

September 11

The Beaverton (season 3, episode 8)

September 12

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 34)

September 13

The Amazing Race Canada (season 7)

Chris Distefano: Size 38 Waist

Murder In The Bayou (season 1, episode 1)

Real Time With Bill Maher (season 17, episode 27)+

Room 104 (season 3, episode 1)+

September 15

The Affair (season 5, episode 4)

Ballers (season 5, episode 4)+

Last Week With John Oliver (season 6, episode 23)+

On Becoming A God In Central Florida (season 1, episode 4)

Power (season 6, episode 4)*

Power: Confidential (season 1, episode 4)*

Ramy (season 1)*

The Righteous Gemstones (season 1, episode 5)+

Succession (season 2, episode 6)+

September 16

The Deuce (season 3, episode 2)+

Our Boys (season 1, episode 7)+

September 19

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 35)

September 20

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow (season 4)

Jeff Dunham @ JFL

Masterchef (season 10)

Murder In The Bayou (season 1, episode 2)

Roast Of Alec Baldwin

Real Time With Bill Maher (season 17, episode 28)+

Room 104 (season 3, episode 2)+

Trevor Moore: The Story Of Our Times

September 22

The Affair (season 5, episode 5)

Ballers (season 5, episode 5)+

The Circus (season 4, episode 9)

On Becoming A God In Central Florida (season 1, episode 5)

Power (season 6, episode 5)*

Power: Confidential (season 1, episode 5)*

The Righteous Gemstones (season 1, episode 6)+

Succession (season 2, episode 7)+

September 23

The Deuce (season 3, episode 3)+

Our Boys (season 1, episode 8)+

September 24

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 33, episodes 19-23)

September 26

Desus & Mero (season 1, episode 36)

September 27

Amy Schumer Presents: Sam Morrill: Positive Influence

Murder In The Bayou (season 1, episode 3)

Real Time With Bill Maher (season 17, episode 29)+

Room 104 (season 3, episode 3)+

W5 (season 54, episode 1)

September 29

The Affair (season 5, episode 6)

Ballers (season 5, episode 6)+

The Circus (season 4, episode 10)

Last Week With John Oliver (season 6, episode 24)+

On Becoming A God In Central Florida (season 1, episode 6)

Power (season 6, episode 6)*

Power: Confidential (season 1, episode 6)*

The Righteous Gemstones (season 1, episode 7)+

Succession (season 2, episode 8)+

September 30

The Deuce (season 3, episode 4)+

Our Boys (season 1, episode 9)+


September 1

Any Given Sunday*

Bottle Rocket*

Dog Day Afternoon*


Starsky & Hutch*

September 5

Giant Little Ones+

September 6


The Book Thief*

Boyz N The Hood*

The Favourite+

Girl Interrupted*

Mary Queen Of Scots+

My Sister’s Keeper*

Red Dog*

Wolves At The Door*

September 11

In The Shadow Of The Towers: Stuyvesant High On 9/11+

September 13

Battle Of The Year*


The Devil’s Advocate*

Gangster Squad*

Hummingbird Project+

Jack The Giant Slayer*

Living Out Loud*

Marie Antoinette*

Welcome To Marwen+

September 20


Dirty Harry*

The French Connection*

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part+

Nights In Rodanthe*

We Die Young+

When The Game Stands Tall*

September 25


September 27

Anatomy Of A Murder*


The Bucket List*

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army*


Isn’t It Romantic+


Rebel Without A Cause*

Terminator 4: Salvation*


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