Whip it real good

Roller derby-themed jam at Tattoo Rock Parlour for Whip It

Tattoo Rock Parlour was swarming Sunday night as partiers celebrated the screening of Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It.

The event was a classic exercise in who’s got the buzz and who doesn’t. Dishy but unknown Landon Pigg, who plays the love interest to Ellen Page’s Bliss, arrived early and was looking pretty lonely in the VIP area while the great Daniel Stern, who p[lays the sweet dad, sat totally unmolested with his wife outside the velvet rope, happy to have a conversation with anyone who drifted by.

Page arrived with a hefty posse, growing more diva-like by the day.

And forget about getting anywhere near Drew Barrymore. She had a phalanx of body guards taking care of business and making sure no one got any pics, as in hands in front of the camera.


There were Derby girls galore and other notables making the scene, including the Trailer Park Boys, Australian director Sarah Watt, Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein, Precious star Gabourey SIdibe. Great 70s music, too.[rssbreak]


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