Page One: A Year Inside The New York Times


PAGE ONE: A YEAR INSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES (Andrew Rossi). See listing. Rating: NN

Andrew Rossi got unprecedented access to the back room at the New York Times in 2009, but he’s come out with little that’s new. Ironically, his documentary suffers from the same syndrome that afflicts many news dailies that lag behind their online competitors: it’s already stale.

At America’s most prestigious daily, advertising revenue is tanking in an environment where a new generation of newshounds gets its information online and the future looks dim. This would be interesting if the Times were actually on the verge of collapse – better still for the movie if it had died during filming. But as neither is the case, the film lacks tension.

What it does have is a great character in the person of David Carr, a one-time crack addict and now Times media columnist who’s made a personal crusade of promoting traditional print journalism wherever he goes.

Anyone who’s given any thought to the issues (unless you’re the type to be surprised at the lily-whiteness of the Times editorial team) will find Page One snoozeworthy.



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