Paper Heart

PAPER HEART (Anchor Bay, 2009) D: Nicholas Jasenovec,.

PAPER HEART (Anchor Bay, 2009) D: Nicholas Jasenovec, w/ Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera. Rating: N DVD package: NN Rating: N

“I suck at talking,” says Charlyne Yi in Paper Heart.


And she does, so much that there’s an entire extras segment devoted to her incoherent stammering. In the nothing-special making-of doc, she admits that she doesn’t know how to act. Again, true. Makes you wonder why she took on a project that required her to act and interview, too.

Yi plays, or possibly is, a young woman who doesn’t believe she can love and sets out to ask various ordinary people about their views on love. At the same time, she enacts a fictional meeting, romance and breakup with actor Michael Cera. Her whiny voice, hysterical laughter and rigid grimace of fear get irritating fast. Cera isn’t much better.

She does excel at puppetry, though. Some of the interviewees recount sweet stories about their spouses, which Yi illustrates with elaborate marionette work that also gives the film a totally inappropriate and very funny ending.

EXTRAS Making-of doc, deleted scenes, outtakes, music videos. Widescreen. English audio. English, Spanish subtitles.

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