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Erotic thriller delivers contrived melodrama and lazy clichés more

Apr 20, 2017 7:10 PM Reviews

Anne Hathaway is terrific as an alcoholic whose bender unleashes something nasty more

Apr 19, 2017 8:00 PM Reviews

Never mind that pollution has led to species endangerment – just look how cute the animals are! more

Apr 19, 2017 7:30 PM Reviews

Actor Tammy Gillis adds an emotional gravity to a film with frustratingly underdeveloped characters more

Apr 19, 2017 6:30 PM Reviews

Doc uses visuals expertly to make Jane Jacobs’s arguments about city planning more

Apr 19, 2017 5:40 PM Reviews

Ben Wheatley’s gritty new film is intense, funny, absurd and political – sometimes all at once more

Apr 19, 2017 5:35 PM Reviews

Film about seekers travelling Spain's Camino is underscored with lots of emotion – and stirring music more

Apr 19, 2017 5:30 PM Reviews

James Gray’s epic about an explorer’s attempts to discover an ancient civilization is massively entertaining more

Apr 19, 2017 5:28 PM Reviews


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Charlize Theron is glorious but underused, while Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson ride away with this sequel more

Apr 13, 2017 5:53 PM Reviews

Animator/cartoonist Dash Shaw’s feature feels like a hipster graphic novel brought to life – in a good way more

Apr 12, 2017 7:00 PM Reviews

It failed to generate buzz at TIFF, but this period war pic deserves a large audience more

Apr 12, 2017 3:30 PM Reviews

Actors bring authenticity to this film about Nova Scotian artist Maud Lewis more

Apr 12, 2017 2:09 PM Reviews

Documentary about government surveillance of personal internet use is a timely warning even if it’s overstuffed more

Apr 12, 2017 2:00 PM Reviews

Terence Davies’s biopic about poet Emily Dickinson has fine performances, but it’s needlessly stiff and musty more

Apr 12, 2017 1:58 PM Reviews

Remake of 1979 caper flick settles for cheap gags and unearned sentiment more

Apr 10, 2017 3:01 PM Reviews

Film about teens at Masai Ujiri’s basketball camps in Africa feels shallow more

Apr 5, 2017 8:00 PM Reviews

The best movie in the franchise recognizes everything that was wrong with the first two films and tries to correct it more

Apr 5, 2017 7:00 PM Reviews

Doc about the murder of jazz musician Lee Morgan never comes alive more

Apr 5, 2017 6:30 PM Reviews

Indie Canadian film about a guy chasing a wrestler/reality TV star is way too busy more

Apr 5, 2017 6:15 PM Reviews

Indie Canadian film offers up some intriguing ideas about faith but loses its way more

Apr 5, 2017 5:14 PM Reviews