Another WolfCop aims for so bad its good status, but isnt quite good enough for that

ANOTHER WOLFCOP (Lowell Dean). 79 minutes. Opens Friday (December 1). See listing. Rating: NNAnother WolfCop is a low-budget schlockfest that,.

ANOTHER WOLFCOP (Lowell Dean). 79 minutes. Opens Friday (December 1). See listing. Rating: NN

Another WolfCop is a low-budget schlockfest that, like the original and other movies of its kind, aims to be as gory, vulgar and imbecilic as possible. Its goal seems to be so bad its good, a peculiar designation most famously enjoyed by Tommy Wiseaus The Room.

Serendipitously, Another WolfCop is opening opposite The Disaster Artist, James Francos look back at Wiseaus totally sincere attempts to make a great movie. The intentions make all the difference.

Wiseaus failure was hilarious, fascinating and ultimately endearing to the point that it now has a totally enjoyable and oddly moving biopic dedicated to it. But what about WolfCop director Lowell Deans success at making a bad movie? Is feigned incompetence (with decent performances and crafty special effects) really that funny?

Clearly enough people laughed the first time around to justify a sequel where Leo Fafard returns as the small-town cop who drinks his way into becoming a werewolf. This time hes battling some alien forces planting large, green, talking penises into peoples bellies.

The sequel is an improvement, thanks mostly to Jonathan Cherrys redneck sidekick and his oafish commentary on all the shenanigans.

The movie can leave you browbeaten, in the same way that most Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell vehicles do, but that makes it easy for Cherry to enter a scene and drop a finely timed crack that at the very least will make you smile.

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