Hot Docs review: Chef Flynn

Director Cameron Yates celebrates teen chef Flynn McGarry, who has been offering $160 dinner tasting menus at his restaurant since at age 11

CHEF FLYNN (Cameron Yates, U.S.). 83 minutes. Rating: NNN

As a kid in the San Fernando Valley, Flynn McGarry dazzled his parents with complex menus by the time he was 11, he’d turned their living room into a makeshift fine-dining restaurant called Eureka, offering a $160 tasting menu to select diners.

Chef Flynn is a celebration of its subject rather than an inquiry into his specific skills director Yates (The Canal Street Madam) seems content to follow the prodigy from one event to the next as he tours the world and plans his big New York opening, filtering out any major conflicts that might distract us from scenes of Flynn obsessing over beet recipes or creating the perfect garnish.

The result is a doc that probably made the McGarry family very happy, while proving frustrating to anyone who understands how documentaries are made and how restaurants work.

April 28, 6:45 pm, Isabel Bader April 29, 10:45 am, TIFF 1 May 5, 1:15 pm, Isabel Bader

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