Inside Out review: Knives And Skin

Teen drama about the disappearance of a small-town high school student is thin and monotonous

KNIVES AND SKIN (Jennifer Reeder, U.S.). 111 minutes. Rating: NN

Director Reeder is obviously obsessed with Twin Peaks, because she applies the series’ aesthetic – but none of its substance – to her thin teen drama.

The film is ostensibly a mystery about the disappearance of a small-town Midwestern high school student (Raven Whitley). But it’s really an opportunity to explore that cliché about the bizarre quality of everyday life. 

From adulterous dads dressed up in full clown gear to 80s pop songs sung, dirge-like, by a cappella choirs, Reeder delivers the deadpan imagery with monotonous repetition.

While the cinematography and costumes are impeccable – and the performances are decent – the film’s dream-like tone creates a lulling effect. It doesn’t help that no one really attempts to solve the mystery.

And the queer content is way too subtle to register. 

May 29, 9:30 pm, TIFF 2

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