Hot Docs review: Netizens

Cynthia Lowen's quietly furious doc looks at women who have been victimized online

NETIZENS (Cynthia Lowen, U.S.). 97 minutes. Rating: NNNN

Cynthia Lowen’s insightful and quietly furious doc spends time with multiple women who have all been victimized online, whether by violent threats, revenge porn or an all-consuming hack into their private lives.

Netizens tracks the extent of the damage that the current legal system easily brushes aside and the women’s efforts to fight back. Their resilience is the story but the filmmaking often says more, such as when the camera lingers on tertiary details that complement or complicate arguments, or when Lowen withholds a surprising detail not for its narrative impact but to properly contextualize its relevance (or lack thereof).

Apr 29, 6:30 pm, Hot Docs Cinema (Big Ideas screening) Apr 30, 10 am, Isabel Bader May 5, 10 am, Hot Docs Cinema

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