Old Dogs

Wag the Dogs

OLD DOGS (Walt Becker). 92 minutes. Now playing. For venues, times, and trailers, see Movies. Rating: NNN

You’re barking up the wrong tree if you expect anything from these Old Dogs but a pleasant stroll in the park with lots of chuckles and a few belly laughs.[rssbreak]

Playing lifelong buddies and business partners, John Travolta (Charlie) and Robin Williams (Dan) fit together like a classic stand-up team, comfortable, confident, physically in synch and tossing the dialogue back and forth with effortless grace. They even slip the leash for a moment of near-brilliance in a human puppet sequence.

Their characters are about to close a big deal with Japan when Dan gets saddled with seven-year-old twins he didn’t know he’d fathered. This provides an excuse for stoned golf, statue destruction, lots of throwaway gags (visual, verbal and physical) and a disappointing climax involving a gorilla, angry penguins and Williams in a jet pack.

Director Walt Becker moves things along briskly, underselling both the comedy and the sentimental story involving the mother of Dan’s children and his yearning for family.

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