The Emoji Movie isnt complete cinematic poop

THE EMOJI MOVIE (Tony Leondis). 86 minutes. Opens Friday (July 28). See listing. Rating: NNBefore my editor got around to.

THE EMOJI MOVIE (Tony Leondis). 86 minutes. Opens Friday (July 28). See listing. Rating: NN

Before my editor got around to it, my son hit me with the inevitable assignment. He wanted me to take him to The Emoji Movie, despite not having a clue what an emoji was. He saw the poo in the posters, and that was reason enough.

The studio clearly realized that the people who actually communicate the language of emoji arent as easy to dupe into paying for an entire movie on it, so the content and marketing preyed on our kids.

And in a theatre packed with families like mine, I watched the kids (never mind the movie). They were all loosely following along on a typical self-affirmation plot.

An emoji named Gene (voiced by T.J. Miller), whose purpose is to wear the meh expression, cant control all the other emotions creeping up on his face. So to rescue his purpose in a teens smart phone, Gene sets out to get reprogrammed with the HI-5 (prayer hands) emoji and a hacker named Jailbreak (Anna Faris), before realizing that expressing himself is what makes him special.

Along the way, they crash the Candy Crush app, ride sound waves in Spotify and look to Dropbox as a saving grace sponsored references that go right over the target audiences heads.

The kids were mildly smiling at the colourful expressions flashing by onscreen. But with the exception of Patrick Stewarts minimal appearances as the poop emoji, they never found moments to laugh out loud.

The jokes you make about The Emoji Movie are funnier than anything in it.

Still, I didnt find it terrible. Certainly the idea of an Emoji Movie is worse than what is actually onscreen. And I was actually a little amused when the smiley or other meh emoji struggled to express themselves.

Because their static faces are a limitation, the emojis have to find the words that people cant be bothered with.

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