Tommys Honour is no hole in one

TOMMYS HONOUR (Jason Connery). 112 minutes. Opens Friday (May 19). See listing. Rating: NNWith as much energy as it can.

TOMMYS HONOUR (Jason Connery). 112 minutes. Opens Friday (May 19). See listing. Rating: NN

With as much energy as it can muster, Tommys Honour dramatizes the legend of Tommy Morris, a young Scotsman who in his short life carved out a place in sporting history as the best golfer who ever lived.

Aye, he was a fine fellow, Tommy was, winning four consecutive titles in the Open Championship the first in 1868, when he was just 17. But the lad (played by Simon Pegg doppelganger Jack Lowden) spent his life in the shadow of his father, Tom (Peter Mullan), largely considered the inventor of modern golf and who tells Tommys story in flashback, signifying both greatness and tragedy to come.

Tommys Honour will almost certainly play better to golfing fans than non-fans. Other than being really good at golf, the younger Morris had a pretty undistinguished life. He bristles against his fathers close-mindedness and falls for a slightly older woman, both of which dont really produce as much drama as screenwriters Pamela Marin and Kevin Cook would like. The latter arc is also undermined by the fact that Lowden and co-star Ophelia Lovibond are much closer in age than their characters.

Its also disappointing that actor-turned-filmmaker Jason Connery has delivered a film that feels so impersonal. Surely, if anyone would have insight into a character trying to set himself apart from a famous father, itd be him.

Instead, we get a very safe, very respectful film that takes few chances and holds no surprises. Par for the course, I guess.

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