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Bad boy Colin Farrell’s film career has run hot and cold

Rating: NNNNN

THE NEW WORLD (2005) Look past the creep factor in Farrell’s and 14-year-old Q’orianka Kilcher’s onscreen romance and this Pocahontas tale is quite arresting.

MIAMI VICE (2006) Colin Farrell is no Don Johnson. And that’s a very good thing. After S.W.A.T. he finally gets a TV cop right.

PHONE BOOTH (2002) He’s a sleazy, adulterous publicist being held at gunpoint. It works on so many levels.

TIGERLAND (2000) Farrell’s performance as a Vietnam War draftee is as earnest and gritty as Joel Schumacher’s handycam direction.

MINORITY REPORT (2002) Farrell manages to hold his own opposite some amazing special effects, including Tom Cruise’s Chiclet grin.

ALEXANDER (2004) No matter which of the 23 versions of this Oliver Stone epic you watch, Farrell’s beach-blond conqueror is hardly great.

S.W.A.T. (2003) This dumb cop movie should have been called S.H.I.T.

DAREDEVIL (2003) If there’s anything redeeming about this comic book movie, it’s Farrell’s bald hit man. I said if…

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