TIFF review: Ever After (Endzeit)

German zombie thriller strikes an existential tone that underplays its horror

EVER AFTER (Endzeit) DISC D: Carolina Hellsgård. Germany. 90 min. Sep 7, 10 pm, Scotiabank 10 Sep 9, 7:30 pm, Scotiabank 10 Sep 14, 3:15 pm, Scotiabank 13. See listing. Rating: NNN

The zombie apocalypse has laid waste to humanity, with just the German towns of Weimar and Jura left standing Weimar women Vivi (Gro Swantje Kohlhof) and Eva (Maja Lehrer) stow away on an automated supply train to Jura only to find themselves stranded in the countryside, surrounded by the living dead. 

Based on Olivia Vieweg’s graphic novel – and realized by a predominantly female crew – Ever After strikes an existential tone that underplays the horror a little too much, given the gruesome stakes it establishes at the outset.

But in its quieter moments, when Vivi and Eva are alone in their eerily depopulated world, it captures something essential and disturbing.

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