TIFF review: Kingsway

Bruce Sweeney's comedy about a dysfunctional family is his best film in years

KINGSWAY CWC D: Bruce Sweeney. Canada. 88 min. Sep 10, 7:15 pm, AGO Sep 13, 5:45 pm, Scotiabank 4 Sep 15, 9 am, Scotiabank 7. See listing. Rating: NNN

Vancouver writer/director Sweeney rebounds from a couple of duds with this engaging comedy about a dysfunctional family spiraling into romantic chaos. Mary (Gabrielle Rose) is trying to pretend her newly separated son, Matt (Jeff Gladstone), isn’t suicidally depressed, while his sister Jess (Camille Sullivan) is infuriated by what she sees as coddling. 

Each of them has his or her own specific set of neuroses, compounded by Matt’s pregnant ex, his interfering best friend and his endlessly patient therapist, and by the halfway point Kingsway is chugging pleasantly along on a cascade of colliding conflicts.

I don’t think Sweeney snaps everything together the way he wants to, but it’s still his best movie in years. 

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