Le Fort Des Fous

LE FORT DES FOUS WAV D: Narimane Mari. France/Algeria/Switzerland/Germany/Greece/Qatar..

LE FORT DES FOUS WAV D: Narimane Mari. France/Algeria/Switzerland/Germany/Greece/Qatar. 144 min. Sep 11, 6 pm, AGO Sep 14, 11:30 am, TIFF Bell Lightbox 4. Rating: NNN

The new feature from Algerian filmmaker Narimane Mari (Bloody Beans) examines the history of imperialism and colonization in three discrete acts: first as allegory, next as impressionism and finally as polemic.

In Algeria, at an uncertain point in time, young soldiers train for service while their commander gives speeches drawn from 19th century French military reports. Next, on Kythira Island, an odd group of people – a cult? survivors of World War III? – welcome two new arrivals to their circle. And finally, on the Greek mainland, two apparent experts (Annie Paparousou, Heval Mazlum) expound at length on social theory and geopolitical strategy.

Slow and steady, neither narrative nor essay, this is exactly the kind of project that Wavelengths was created to spotlight. Is it entertainment? Not really. But I can’t say I didn’t appreciate the experience.

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