My Days Of Mercy

MY DAYS OF MERCY GALA D: Tali Shalom-Ezer..

MY DAYS OF MERCY GALA D: Tali Shalom-Ezer. U.S. 107 min. Sep 15, 9:30 pm, Roy Thomson Hall Sep 16, 3 pm, Winter Garden Sep 17, 9 am, Scotiabank 4. Rating: NNNN

Things have changed in moviedom. It used to be that a lesbian chasing a straight woman would be depicted as evil incarnate, and probably killed off in the end. But more and more flicks are asking audiences to cheer on the dyke connection.

So it is with this story of Lucy (Ellen Page) who, along with her young brother and older sister (Amy Seimetz, who’s excellent in the thankless role of family anchor), makes constant pilgrimages to the prisons where executions are about to take place. The siblings are part of the movement to abolish capital punishment.

At one such protest, Lucy meets Mercy (Kate Mara), who’s supporting the execution of her cop father’s long-time partner, and they are instantly attracted to each other.

It turns out Lucy’s father is in prison, convicted of having killed her mother, and the kids have been trying to get the verdict overturned. As Lucy and Mercy get more involved, Mercy, a lawyer, tries to help with the case, which complicates everything.

Joe Barton’s script, especially the dialogue between the two lovers about capital punishment, is pointed and very smart, and he knows how to let information trickle out at the right pace..

And the performances are excellent. Mara manages to convey both desire and emotional elusiveness while Page expertly juggles Lucy’s fierceness and her vulnerability.

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