TIFF review: Nekrotronic

Kiah Roache-Turner's enthusiastic but dumb horror movie embraces every bloody genre cliché

NEKROTRONIC MM D: Kiah Roache-Turner. Australia. 99 min. Sep 9, 4 pm, Scotiabank 4. See listing. Rating: NN

Ghostbusters meets The Matrix in this very enthusiastic but extremely dopey horror movie from director Roache-Turner and his brother Tristan, who have never met a genre cliché they couldn’t incorporate, or an actor they didn’t want to drench in gore and slime.

Here, it’s Ben O’Toole playing a sanitation worker who discovers he’s the Chosen One in a battle between humans and demons that’s been going on since the beginning of time… oh, and that smartphones can swallow our souls, too.

It’s chaotic and splattery and very, very dumb, with a couple of fun ideas occasionally breaking through: O’Toole has a surprisingly gentle chemistry with Caroline Ford’s hardened demon hunter, and Epine Bob Savea plays a spectral sidekick with goofy enthusiasm.

Midnight audiences will eat it up the rest of us will wish it were as smart or funny as the movies it leans on so heavily.

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