TIFF review: The Grand Bizarre

Jodie Mack's experimental doc about the global textile market bursts with energy and invention

THE GRAND BIZARRE WAVE D: Jodie Mack. U.S. 61 min. Sep 10, 11:45 am, TBLB 4. See listing. Rating: NNNN

Experimental filmmaker Mack explores the global textile trade in a kaleidoscopic documentary that brings clothes, fabrics and rugs to life in 16mm animations.

Eschewing onscreen text or any sort of indications of location or cultural significance, the film immerses viewers in a barrage of patterns to create a visual impression of creeping sameness. The animations playfully render textiles as birds and trains as lo-fi pop music (also created by Mack) skips between house, R&B and other contemporary sounds. (One memorable scene samples Skype.)

It’s up to viewers to ponder what kind of impact our growing connectedness – and participation in this global market as consumers and tourists – is having on local creative expression around the world. The film bursts with energy and invention to the point of sensory overload. It can feel overwhelming, but so can the issues at the heart of the film.

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