TIFF review: The Lie

Despite an exceptional cast, The Killing showrunner Veena Sud's feature debut grows preposterous

THE LIE GALA D: Veena Sud. US. 97 min. Sep 13, 6:30 pm, Roy Thomson Hall Sep 13, 8 pm, Elgin Sep 14, 9:30 pm, Scotiabank 14 Sep 16, 2:15 pm, Scotiabank 4. See listing. Rating: NN

Remaking Sebastian Ko’s We Monsters for her feature debut, writer/director Sud recruits The Killing co-stars Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos to play divorced parents who take extreme measures to protect their daughter (Joey King) after she tells them she pushed a friend to her death.

Sarsgaard and Enos are exceptional actors, but as with The Killing, Sud’s focus on character over plot gradually tips The Lie into preposterousness – and the plot of We Monsters strained credulity in the first place. On the upside, the wintry GTA locations do a decent job of subbing for upstate New York, and Devery Jacobs and Dani Kind turn up in small roles. So that’s something, I guess.

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