A Tribe Called Red’s Bear Witness is curating this year’s X Avant festival

Check out the full lineup of the Music Gallery's annual festival, plus just announced Toronto shows from Fucked Up, Junglepussy, Jennifer Castle and more

A Tribe Called Red’s Bear Witness is curating the Music Gallery’s 13th annual X Avant festival. 

From October 11-14, the experimental music institution will feature acts like Texas Cumbia artist El Dusty, local electronic producer Ziibiwan, hip-hop group Above Top Secret and dub poet Lillian Allen, among others.

This year’s theme is inspired by the Halluci Nation concept from A Tribe Called Red’s 2016 We Are The Halluci Nation album, building a coherent sensibility from diverse inspirations and challenging narrow conceptions of Canadian music. 

“It is a future history given to inform the past,” says Bear Witness of the concept. “It is a rallying cry to all nations. We need to learn from things almost forgotten. We need to learn what it is to be human again and how to treat others as human.” 

In addition to curating, Bear Witness will be collaborating with Edmonton breakdancing DJ Creeasian and later with A Tribe Called Red in a late-night DJ set. 

Other confirmed acts include Inuit electronic beatmaker Geronimo Inutiq, Toronto’s Latinx “park-bench philosophers” Los Poetas, Arabic hip-hop artist Narcy and Indigenous American artist Jennifer Kreisberg who were both featured on the Halluci Nation album. Additionally, Peruvian abstract turntablist Maria Chavez will be performing in Toronto for the first time in eight years.

Check out the full lineup below:

October 11/18

Tasman Richardson + See Monsters + Creeasian with Bear Witness

Doors: 7:30PM/Concert 8PM

$18 Regular/$13 Advance/$10 Students, Music Gallery Members

October 12/18

Maria Chavez + Geronimo Inutiq + respectfulchild

Doors: 7:30PM/Concert 8PM

$18 Regular/$13 Advance/$10 Students, Members

October 13/18

Sampler Café with Creeasian



October 13/18 at 918 Bathurst

Los Poetas + Above Top Secret + Ziibiwan

Doors: 7:30PM/Concert 8PM

$15 Regular/$13 Advance/$10 Students, Members

October 13/18 late night at the Mod Club co-presented by Futuro Libre

El Dusty + Dre Ngozi + Nino Brown + A Tribe Called Red DJ set

$30 Regular/$25 Advance/$20 Students, Music Gallery Members

October 14/18

Panel Discussion: Building the Halluci Nation  



The artists represented in the festival discuss what the Halluci Nation means to them, and how it represents potential for positive social change. Moderated by Narcy.

October 14/18

Narcy + Jennifer Kreisberg + Lillian Allen

Doors: 7:30PM/Concert 8PM

$18 Regular/$13 Advance/$10 Students, Members

918 Bathurst Main Hall and the Mod Club visual design will be provided by Jacqueline Levitt aka Jax A Muse.

October 11-14 at 918 Bathurst and Mod Club (722 College). Early-bird passes start at $40. Individual tickets $10-$30. musicgallery.org

More Just Announced Toronto Concerts

Blue Dream, Lush Buffalo, Day Trip, The Take at Monarch Tavern doors 8:30 pm. $8.50. ticketfly.com. August 22.

Grim Streaker, Gloin, Vypers, Moody Tulips at Monarch Tavern doors 9 pm. $8.50. ticketfly.com. August 23.

Iris, Spunk at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. August 27.

Mega Ran, Wordburglar, More or Les at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. ticketfly.com. September 9. 

Control Test, Mala Leche, Spunk, Flem at Faith/Void doors 7:30 pm, all ages. $10. September 10. 

Feels Fine, Camp Girls, Nezzy at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. September 13. 

Ruel at Rivoli doors 7 pm. $15. ticketweb.ca September 18.

Devon Welsh at Longboat Hall doors 8 pm. $16. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. September 19.

Super Whatevr, dubé, Beach Goons at Sneaky Dee’s doors 6 pm, all ages. $16.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. -September 21.

Electric Six, Jeremy & The Harlequins at Horseshoe doors 9 pm. $20.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. September 29.

DJ Seinfeld, DJ Kicks at Velvet Underground doors 9 pm. $15. ticketweb.ca. October 4.

Robotaki at Drake Hotel doors 7:30 pm. $20. ticketweb.ca. October 5.

AJJ, Kimya Dawson, Rozwell kid, Shellshag at Mod Club doors 6 pm, all ages. $21.50. rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, ticketfly.com.  October 11.

Mike Shinoda at Rebel doors 7 pm, all ages. $50-$100. On sale August 10. ticketmaster.ca. October 11.

X Avant: Bear Witness, El Dusty, Los Poetas, Above Top Secret, Ziibiwan, Narcy, Geronimo Inutiq and others at Music Gallery at 918 Bathurst and Mod Club $TBA. musicgallery.org. October 11-14.

Abhi the Nomad at Drake Hotel doors 7 pm. $13. ticketweb.ca. October 14.

Junglepussy at Adelaide Hall doors 8 pm. $18. ticketweb.ca. October 15.

Fucked Up at Horseshoe doors 9 pm.$25. ticketweb.ca. October 19.

Spotlights, The Life and Times at Hard Luck Bar doors 8 pm. $15. ticketfly.com October 20.

Tank and the Bangas, Big Freedia, Naughty Professor at Danforth Music Hall doors 7 pm. $TBA. ticketmaster.ca. October 25. 

Adult., Police Des Moeurs at The Garrison doors 9 pm. $12.50-$15. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. October 26.

Hoodie Allen at Mod Club doors 7 pm, all ages. $30. ticketweb.ca. October 30.

This Will Destroy You at Lee’s Palace doors 7 pm. $16.50. rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, ticketfly.com. October 30.

Country Music Culinary Festival: Tim Hicks, The Washboard Union, Tebey, Madeline Merlo at Enercare Centre Co-presented by Boots & Hearts at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Doors 7 pm, all ages. $65. ticketmaster.ca. November 1.

Ron Gallo, Twen at The Garrison doors 8 pm. $13.50. ticketfly.com, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. November 6.

Caroline Rose at Velvet Underground doors 7:30 pm. $TBA.ticketweb.ca. November 6. 

Louis the Child at Danforth Music Hall doors 6:30 pm. $TBA. ticketmaster.ca. November 7.

Slenderbodies at Rivoli doors 8 pm. $20. ticketmaster.ca, rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com. November 8.

Muncie Girls at The Baby G doors 8 pm. $10. November 9. 

Uniform & The Body, Author & Punisher, Intensive Care at The Baby G doors 9 pm. $16.50. ticketfly.com. November 10. 

Tor Miller at Drake Hotel doors 8 pm. $18.50. rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, ticketfly.com. November 13.

The Alarm at Horseshoe Postponed from July 31. Doors 8 pm. $26.50. ticketfly.com. November 15.

Classified at Opera House doors 8 pm, all ages. $30. ticketmaster.ca. November 16. 

Alec Benjamin at Velvet Underground doors 7 pm. $14. ticketweb.ca. November 20. 

Parquet Courts at Danforth Music Hall doors 7 pm. $22.50-$35. rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, ticketfly.com. December 5. 

Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, Capstan at Opera House doors 6 pm, all ages. $26.50. rotate.com, soundscapesmusic.com, ticketfly.com. December 15. 

Jennifer Castle, Jeremy Dutcher at Danforth Music Hall doors 7 pm. $TBA. On sale August 9. ticketmaster.ca. December 15. 

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