>>> Album of the week: Titus Andronicus


At 93 minutes, Titus Andronicus’s latest may scare off those who believe punk rock should be compartmentalized into accessible pieces. 

There’s not much that’s accessible about The Most Lamentable Tragedy, but that’s a good thing. Throughout the 29 tracks, lead singer Patrick Stickles unpacks his battles with mental illness and depression via rousing punk rock, including on standout No Future Part IV: No Future Triumphant. Besides, working through a mountain of paranoia and anxiety ought to take time, and Stickles and his Jersey mates should be applauded for serving up the most consistent and emotionally charged catharsis rock in years. 

Sure, you might need to take a break or two, and Stickles’s revealing lyrics also take the spotlight during slower, heartland-rock-inspired songs that still engross, like Come On, Siobhan. He’s the ultimate people’s rock-and-roller, giving fans what they crave while exorcising his demons in the process. 

Top track: No Future Part IV: No Future Triumphant

Titus Andronicus play the Horseshoe on October 13. 



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