Rock Or Bust

No one expects change from AC/DC, which is why it was so shocking for Malcolm Young to get dementia and Phil Rudd to be charged with putting out a hit on two people. It seemed like the Australian rockers would forever be teenage boys after hot sex and good times in spite of their grey hair and saggy jowls.

They certainly keep up appearances on their 15th album, their troubles not for a second interfering with these 11 songs, the longest of which lasts three minutes and 41 seconds. Chasing girls, playing pool and rockin’ the house are still the only things on these 60-somethings’ minds.

A classic Angus Young riff anchors the title track, which starts strong but devolves as Brian Johnson’s dumb lyrics unfold (“We be a good-time band / We play across the land,” etc). Angus’s riffs are highlights throughout this standard-issue fare, while Rock The Blues Away notably moves away from the template, sailing along in a laid-back CCR kind of way.

AC/DC’s still have a few surprises in them after all.

Top track: Rock The Blues Away   

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