Amazing Baby

Rewild (Shangri-La)

Rating: NNN

Though these hyped-up Brooklyn rockers don’t exactly hide their glam rock overtones, they’re not quite as retro as that suggests. Sure, they owe a heavy debt to Bowie and T-Rex, but there’s just as much Britpop in their sound, along with a hint of shoegazer and psych.


It’s all very lush and fabulous, but also restrained and calculated to the point of coldness. If that’s intentional, they’ve pulled it off, but not necessarily to the album’s benefit. It’s all very slick and cool, and also a touch contrived. Thankfully, Amazing Baby are talented enough songwriters and musicians to overcome our lingering doubts about authenticity.

Top track: Headdress

Amazing Baby rock out Monday (June 15) at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, opening up for Phoenix.

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