Black Swan (Universal)

Rating: N

Had enough of the Olympics? No? Well, here’s Athlete back for another gold run with their fourth full-length. But Black Swan doesn’t even qualify.


The UK band has made a career out of repackaging light indie ballads for musical tourists who devour unimaginative, quasi-contemplative schlock. Black Swan Song – a slow piano ballad with no recognizable heartbeat beneath the saccharine ooh-oohs – captures the B-side Coldplay sound they channel on much of this record. If you think that’s low, they actually start even lower by jacking the New Radicals’ You Get What You Give on album opener Superhuman Torch. Seriously.

The closest this popportunistic foursome comes to satisfying songsmithery is The Getaway, whose title is sound advice for potential buyers of this album.

Top track: The Getaway

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