Chasing The Glow (Journey’s End Studios)

Rating: NNN

They classify their music as “punk/gospel,” but Barn Owl’s new Chasing The Glow disc leads me to believe these frightfully earnest small-town sad sacks would be much better at making cookies for church bake sales than firing up the congregation with a tent revival show.

The passionate enthusiasm of the jubilant Barn Owl live experience is nowhere to be found on the quaintly creaky Chasing The Glow, which sounds like they collectively gave up the chase long before they entered the Journey’s End studio. Having some pals add cello and mandolin parts helps fill out the rickety tunes which show potential, but perhaps some coffee during the recording session or maybe a couple of angry rattlesnakes might’ve helped.

Barn Owl get busy tonight (Thursday, January 10) at Mitzi’s Sister.

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