Beach House

Teen Dream (Sub Pop)

Rating: NNNN

Gentle and dreamy, Beach House’s Teen Dream will help the five-year-old collaboration between Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand achieve wider appeal. Whereas previous efforts embellished dark, distant slumber sounds, Teen Dream finds the duo maturing into friendly pop. Zebra and Used To Be effectively place lyrical peaks into the slow-tempo slurry of basic backbeats and electronic clouds.



When it’s not working, you get Norway, a plodder lost in its own soft focus. Somnambulist soundtrack real estate is hot these days, and there’s no shortage of such offerings here. Another good move was the duo’s decision to cut short tracks that could’ve turned into 10-minute psych trips, as on 10 Mile Stereo. By tightening things up, another sprightly highlight emerges from this pleasant haze.

Top track: Used To Be

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