Danni Leigh

Danni LeigH Divide And Conquer (Audium) Rating: NNNHowever dubious Danni Leigh's designation as "the female Dwight Yoakam" may be, there's.

Danni LeigH Divide And Conquer (Audium) Rating: NNN

However dubious Danni Leigh’s designation as “the female Dwight Yoakam” may be, there’s definitely an opening for a shit-kicking woman honky-tonk singer in country music. Maybe her previous label didn’t get it, but Audium, which wisely put her in a studio with Yoakam’s producer/guitarist, Pete Anderson, seems to have a much better handle on where Leigh fits in. Apart from a few trying moments of dire radio pandering, this is straight-up classic jukebox-style country music. Just check the duet with Jim Lauderdale on House Of Pain and you’ll be hooked.

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