Black Square (We Are Busy Bodies)

Rating: NNNN

DD/MM/YYYY make it their mission to defy classification. Always evolving sonically and riding an experimental edge wherever possible, this Toronto quintet’s math-rock drums, noisy synths and punk-inspired vocals make them sound like they’re perpetually caught in a violent tornado of awesomeness beneath every mess are cool hooks calling out to the attentive listener. Infinity Skull Cube’s clean-sounding post-punk guitars and propulsive beat bring to mind British rockers Foals, although DD/MM/YYYY take more artistic chances and favour weirder sounds and structures.


Stick with Black Square right to the end, because second-to-last track I’m Still In The Wall features beautiful indie-rockish vocals, while closer Digital Haircut has a firestorm of mind-blowing guitar work about halfway through.

Top Track: Infinity Skull Cube

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