Fools! EP

DEEP DARK UNITED Fools! EP (Kosher Rock) Rating: NN Rating: NN

Local noise/art rockers Deep Dark United should be praised for attempting to push the boundaries of conventional song structure on their new effort. Unfortunately, their orchestral experimentation doesn’t always work. Fools! kicks off with a cacophony of clicks and skronks and layers of instrumentation on what appears to be a condensed and compressed version of the entire disc (the track is entitled Fools! EP). Kinda cool in theory, kinda crappy self-indulgence in practice. After that seven-minute opus, the songs become slightly more listenable, with the occasional sax jazz squawk and church-bell-like chimes offering a respite in the muddy confusion, but mostly Fools! sounds like toddlers let loose in a roomful of instruments. Deep Dark United play the Victory Cafe Saturday (March 9).

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